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A recreation of the main area of Foundry from Halo 3 styled to look like one of the several arena variants of the map that were made for Halo 3's Grifball game mode

Also included is a 'Launcher Hall' variant which just adds a contraption based on the same kind of contraption that was built by the Red vs Blue crew in Halo 3's Forge mode for their preview of the Foundry map

Everything you need is in the download link below, just don't overwrite anything if you already have any of the add-ons included in the ZIP file in case you happen to have a more up to date version of that add-on

Also included in the ZIP file is the skybox and the colorset that was used with this build



Fun fact:
This was made in roughly 10 days back in 2015 and seen some refinement here and there over the course of 7 years, most of that time being spent procrastinating, being burnt out, and being distracted/busy with general life stuff
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fantastic! I fondly remember playing many custom games of "fat kid" on foundry :p

i like those fans in the walls, screw the jvs wall fans!
nice little interior build

nice, halo builds are always cool to see

nice, halo builds are always cool to see
same, reminds me of halo valhalla TDMs back in 2011-2012