Author Topic: went from making 35k/yr to over 140,000 lmao  (Read 944 times)

how long ago was the interview? I'd suggest following up, just send them an email to ask for an update. they may have picked someone else, in which case you at least get some closure, but following up like that can sometimes make the difference between choosing you or another similar candidateit's pretty common. it usually means they thought you'd be a good fit, but some other candidate just barely had the advantage. it's rude to not send a rejection notice, but that is also practically standard practice....... so you get what you get, I guess. don't give up tho. job hunting sucks, but eventually soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning will work out. good luck
Interview was a couple weeks ago. I know I wasn't the only one who applied but there applications expired on Indeed, then they opened new ones. Sent a follow up message, got no reply so I'm just moving on. I keep getting places asking me to apply that pay literally identical to what I'm already making, and that's stupid to me. I'm not switching jobs to make the same amount of money.

I literally had to sign a classified/unclassified information thing. Not sure if I can talk about it much, not that I want to anyway. It's not that top secret or crazy but its just CAD work.
oh look, another forumer joins the glowie club. nice to have you here

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