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Absolutely fantastic! If not a swan song for Blockland, this will at least prove to be a sea shanty. Godspeed!

Pirate Adventure launches This Weekend!

We're excited to welcome you all aboard some time this weekend! We're going to be burning ass to get it ready in the next couple days, so honestly anticipate one or two hiccups for launch.

Client crashes are likely. We highly recommend downloading the Buffer Overflow Fix mod if you encounter any. (

We should have a preload server opened up a little before opening so players can get it out of the way. There is a LOT of content on the server, and downloading Textures, Music, AND sounds is REQUIRED for all content to be accesssible. Internal date is saturday, but definitely anticipate it being sunday due to workload.

See you soon!

Avast ye! Its high time to set sail in pirate adventure this weekend! Sail the briney deep and discover new lands, towns, people, and of course booty to fill your coffers! With hundreds of chests and hours of quests the adventure never ends! Build your crew and construct your ship from the raw sweat and commitment of your sheer will. Reward your crew and slay the blige-sucking swine! It's time to show your true pirate on Sunday! ARRRRRRG YO HO HO

I upgraded my old pirate decals if anyone wants to upgrade their look before the big day!
Edit: Just added six new faces too!
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come on in and join fellas the one piece is real