Author Topic: Plastiware was arrested for child research  (Read 68454 times)

The News Article
"A 27-year-old Greeley man faces child research charges after an investigation led police to his home, where they found research on a laptop and hard drive."

Proof that Plastiware is the Greeley Man

The latter two images were pulled from his facebook here,

love Offender Registry Snapshot

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he cant talk to minors because hes a love offender lol

another L for the pronoun people

Good, forget that piece of stuff, wish racerboy got arrested too.

Jesus loving Christ, it's sad to see a well known face here commit such a terrible crime.

oh stuff wasnt he the pirate guy

Police sent Vanbemmel’s laptop and hard drive to the Northern Colorado Regional Forensic Laboratory and received a report on Feb. 11. Police found nearly 30 images of child research, including images of young children being raped, according to the affidavit. The laptop’s browsing history included researchographic websites, including one with “teen” in the name.

"Vanbemmel said he didn’t know where the image on his laptop came from"

woops how did that get there!!!