Author Topic: Server hosting gamemode requests  (Read 1288 times)

I'm going to host a mining server and an RPG as some point but until then what would you guys like to see? I am able to host again

ive always wanted a nice pve shooter that i could drop in and play whenever. something like bushidos wave based thing.

also wanted to try your tower defense before but never had the chance to

I remember playing tower defense ages ago, it was really kool

some of the more unique stuff you hosted was neat, would play those again

I would say some good old OG trench warfare, but I ain't got time for that. Maybe a CityRP or a dogfight server?

trench ctf.................... (the only good gamemode)

if you could host TheBlackParrot's Falling Platforms (or even Ravencroft's version) that would be awesome

also wouldnt mind seeing what the guy above me said with trench warfare if it's the greek2me one

If you can get a good map, Id really like a ipizzas throwmod server. Try to host the day of or after a holiday so we can get a decent group. Those were some good times