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Hi, welcome to my gamemodes that will be hosting! They are hosted under the name Software.

Let's start off with Tower Defense.

Tower Defense
Place different types of towers that interact with bots or players such as an attacking tower, a defending tower, a protecting tower, or a healing tower. Throughout the match you must defend the core at the end of the path. That's the main goal! If you get into their way they may attack you. You spawn with a healing tool to heal towers nearby at the cost of resources. Resources are used to purchase and possibly upgrade levels on towers. Resources can also be used eventually for round buffs.
There will be leader boards eventually and score tracking per game.
Comes with a client eventually as well.
There will be many maps as well, the sneakpeak map does not count as a map.
Uhh Sneakpeak:

There may be other gamemodes hosted but will be listed here.
Hosting times usually are on weekends on sometimes weekdays.
Join our discord! There will be updates!
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