Author Topic: oh em gee it's my bdayyy  (Read 1160 times)

28 crack the forget up noooooo!!!!

I joined this forum when I was 12 years old - had no friends and felt a lot less alone here (for better or for worse lol) BUT it's been great to see you all grow and (most of you) become mature adults!!

tonight I will be getting drunk and hopefully kissing strangers !! buy me a drink if you're a Philly local

>no kids
>no wife
>no house
 :cookieMonster: :cookie:

>no adopted kids
>no husband
>no house
now this one....✊😔🏳️‍🌈


Happy (belated) birthday 🍰

Happy belated birthday aswell! Give me all the details, how was the food, the drinks, how much richard did you conquer!!?!?!

happy birthday my beloved homoloveual

happy late birthday OLD MAN

(we are basically the same age)

Damn, 28, happy Bday man