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Author Topic: An important 2-part philosophical question: Part TWO  (Read 3793 times)

better question: would you consider doing the love with the robot cheating if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend
that's got more to do with your partner than yourself. for the most part nobody would, given the choice, consider anything they want to do to be "cheating". you have to ask if someone would consider it cheating if their partner did it, and there's wackjobs out there who think procrastination or looking at research is "cheating", so god knows someone would consider this cheating

Why do I need a robot to jerk me off when I can do it myself

At the end of the arms are hands, at the end of the hands are fingers.
But what's at the end of the fingers? What even are hands and fingers? You weren't specific enough and I'm confused

edward scissorhands