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Peavy here, the last 5 years have been pretty good overall, I've been able to walk pretty well since my back injury back in 2015. I moved in with Lizzy Rascal a few years back and we moved down south where we've been living peacefully. I quit working low-tier store/gas station jobs and started my career as a diesel technician, thanks to my job I've finally gotten some gains and am in better health overall. Still short as always though, rip.
I got myself a new vehicle after getting tires of driving beaters that were in disrepair all the time. I managed to get my hands on a 2021 Hyundai Venue and I have not regretted my purchase. Overall I can't really complain, god bless everyone.

Lizzy: In peavy's post, he kind of mentioned all possible updates, so i'm going to share where I am emotionally; I actually really hated this place, and I actually grew to kind of hate the game itself for a year or two but i kind of got over it, and now i realize i only hate certain individuals or hate the way i viewed myself. As I get close to my 25th bday i just feel really old and finding myself looking back at Blockland in a really positive way...  and actually really miss it, and I absolutely miss this place as well. this place made me who i am and I literally met my best friend and partner on here so Blockland (and the forums) will forever be a part of me. it's also kind of defined my style cause this community introduced me to scene and emo, which probably led to me being goth. Overall life has treated me well, growing up is incredibly painful though, i kind of wish we could all go back to 2010-2014 again and do things over, now that i can differentiate who was my friend and who was hurting me emotionally. Luckily, over the years, i reconnected with a lot of old pals, made new friends, etc. so I no longer harbor those feelings of resentment. i also find worth from within myself and not from others, which may be because of this place giving me thick skin, or maybe i just matured. overall i feel like a much more emotionally stable person after i've confronted my past and now i'm happy, but i miss the 2000s-2010s soooo much. i've also been trying to improve myself as a person because we recently had a pregnancy scare and i felt like i had to get my stuff together.

lots of ups and downs, just trying my best to make the most of what I've got

2018 - In college. stuff sucks. Don't talk to any of my high school friends. Super lonely. Working to pay for school, have like no free time.

2019 - Still in college. stuff sucks. Started to go out more with friends from work so wasn't all bad.

2020 - finally got my degree. got an ehhh slightly better job but still sucks wage wise.

2021 - bought my first house making loving no money. Could afford it but made probably $600 a month in liquidity that wasn't for monthly bills. Got mad depressed.

2022 - Unexpectedly got a loving amazing job. Like 4 times the amount I was making. Work paid me extra to relocate across the country for one year down in Florida. Didn't like Florida too much but living away from home was something I didn't know I needed.

2023 - Back home. Working the same job, WFH. Living the same lifestyle I had pre-job. Putting about 80% of my paycheck into savings. No longer struggle with bills or worry about how much I make. Started working out a lot, lost a lot of weight in fat and gained a lot in muscle.

Honestly, what sucks right now is that I am having trouble finding a worthwhile long term partner. The majority of women in my area that I've met are simply put, lost and have no direction in life. I would like to find someone who is self dependent or is on the road to be. I'm 24, the max age I'll date is 26. Youngest is 22. I get that in my age range, it is still pretty rare to find someone who has moved out of their parent's house, and is economically self reliant, but I'm proof that it's possible, and I never got stuff handed to me. I also have friends my age who are in similar scenarios as me so its not like my scenario is a one-time thing.

Pretty alright, went to college, got my degree. Got the remote job I wanted, travel a lot now. Overall pretty good!

after all the things ive seen, and here i am remembering you

nowadays, i spend half my time astral projecting and other sorts of spiritual things, and the other half finding extremely obscure abandoned music, art, media, lifestyles etc. but there was a glimmer of something very very special back then in the time frame of 2013 despite how hellish everything was, that i still think fondly of to this day
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lots of work, graduating uni end of this year if everything goes well. made so many more friends than I can count, life is good.