Author Topic: how have the last 5 years been for you?  (Read 17860 times)

hello all. it's been half a decade since I last logged in to this site. a lot has changed. how has life been for you? who remains?
hey buddy long time no see; hope all is well

feels like stagnation kinda but also not really. time will tell

Guess it has been a long time; Wife is in veterinary school which is pretty neat.
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late and necropost but I've kind of been through the wringer. in the past five years I graduated from high school, took a few college classes, got my first job, and moved out of my dad's house, but a lot of that has been counteracted with things like tag-team covid-19 and neurodivergency killing all of my motivation to try and take classes, my job actually kind of sucking and not taking me on full time/giving me a raise, and my roommate bailing on me so I couldn't pay the rent, forcing me to go through a period of rapidly bouncing between my parents' houses (who have since relocated) and now I'm just kind of stuck in the middle of nowhere with my mom, paying part of her rent until I can get my life back together.

it's been an uphill battle but I really want to get things back into gear so I can finally live life to the fullest and stop being so depressed and traumatized about a bunch of things. one step at a time though
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ah man, good to see some old faces here.

i'll keep it quick as not much changed worth sharing, but graduated college with a business degree and almost a philosophy degree until covid made me want to just get the stuff over with. currently taking care of my dying folks, mom with cancer and dad with strokes so in a sense i'm back in the ole stomping grounds.

still working, recently got over alcoholism and have been 140+ days sober, so that's nice, don't roll a car kids it's not fun. i've still been playing games, seeing old names pop up on steam, occasionally hopping on brickadia, haven't made any worthy videos lately and i've lost access to my old Dillpickle1337 account so those videos are just, lost in time but at least still there from the good ole days of this place.

I've also only ever met one Blocklander in real life, Galaxion, as his family was moving across country. I assumed at the height of the game we'd have a chance at a convention but I don't think that ever came to, would have been cool.

at this point most if not all of us are in our 20's now, doing god knows what. crazy how time flies yet we can hop back in time for a moment.

think i may swing back around more often, give it one last go here.

Apologies for the necropost

I have been in a pretty rough spot the last few years.
I have a job atleast. Not the best but also not the worst for what it pays.
Had an almost year long relationship with someone that basically kept me reclused from my social life because they were possessive of me, but I'm no longer dealing with them and it's been a struggle to deal with a lot of things, especially being able to talk freely again with people.
Though i can thank them for one thing, which would be keeping my ass sober because, i had drinking issues for the longest time.
But otherwise, I'm a college dropout as the studies along with my now ex completely throwing my mental state off the empire state building.

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im hotter than i have ever been which is nice but now i need a good job xx

keep me in ur prayers :)

i think its really funny im stuck with an account named unimproved after my history here of being a pretty big bully...
i promise though i have actually improved...

Apologies for the necropost

i'd be amazed if anyone would still get bothered by non-drama necroposts anymore. that's one perk of being a ghost town  :cookieMonster:

Dropped out of high school, graduated adult-ed. Went through a bad relationship, got cheated on, had a psychosis episode from that and got sent to a mental hospital by my dad because of it. Got out into the world, met people, learned a bit, matured a lot.

Worked at a pizza hut for a while and hated it. Now I do home renovations and handyman / repair stuff, also work on cars with my dad. Plan on finding something new soon.

Hope everyone here is doing well, all things considered.
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I honestly don't know how I'm not dead yet.

...this place is still around? Oh god, my memories are starting to come back.

...this place is still around? Oh god, my memories are starting to come back.
i like your candle avatar

i like your candle avatar
same, I feel like I saw it as a kid when I was new here lol. A lot of people kept the same pics forever, which was always neat

im happy to read this is working out for you.
tw: common sense, gender dysphoria
a long time ago, while everyone was still frequently posting here, i was also in gender transition therapy and posted about it. i didn't suspect it at the time, but the hate i received for it actually did part in making me quit the gender transition therapy.
i can't blame it fully on what people have said to me, and threatened 'what would happen' to me, because i quit the therapy as 'non-binary'; figuring out that this was the way for me in life.
its now indeed 5 years or so later, and i haven't continued the gender transition therapy, im almost 26, and i know and can feel that this was a big mistake. of course there is still time, but im no longer a college student with less worries in my life. returning to gender transition therapy now will be significantly harder than when i was younger, along with having to somehow find out on my lonesome how to 'go back'.
this has always laid heavy on my heart to say and admit, its basically a 'they won' story, or at least thats how it feels to me, today. i can remember how i was linked a horrifying 'regret' story about a post-op transfemale, and how it left a mark on me despite blatantly being fake. a sort of 'shock story' to 'scare the transes straight'. i wish it didn't work on me as 20 something year old.
sooner or later im privileged to a inheritance which will majorly aid me in opening up room to live, and ill be returning to gender therapy, to finally become who i am.
since this post i've socially transitioned. (and it wasnt harder at all, i was such a doomer when i wrote this post)
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good to hear, gl on the rest of your journey