Author Topic: [VIDEO] - Block Wars: The Complete Saga - Episode II - Attack of the Sand  (Read 12108 times)

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The continuing adventures of Obiwan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker! In this episode, Anakin learns some dark, dark things about himself and then he gets married! Yay!

respect for all the work you put into this

respect for all the work you put into this

This is the only thing I can do that keeps me sane enough to function anymore lol

Making videos in blockland is an old habit I cant quite get rid of. Now my passion and talents are still clinging on to this obsolete and archaic means of expression. And yet its the only thing I always have time to do, you know?

lol, these are great. enjoy your vids

respect for all the work you put into this

good to see this stuff being made still
post on your block wars blog about it...

It's great to see Block Wars in 2023 after watching it as a kid


incredible work as always, you only ever get better at these

Ya'll are definitely giving me the motivation to finish this project (and also this time I've not bitten off more than I can chew lol).

Here's some sneaky-peaky at Episode 3, courtesy of the Blockland United discord (I regularly post my WIP images there), coming sometime soon!

playing blockland star wars inside of blockland star wars... on a ps2 controller. lol epic.