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Round based madness is back!
Showing homage to the original Call of Duty: Zombies games, this gamemode is a comprehensive rework of Gamemode_NZ.

Server Trailer


Well, it's been a long time coming. For over a year we have worked hard to bring you a truly unique Blockland experience. Our initial aim for this project was to provide a low player count gamemode that delivers that same punch that we all miss from years ago. Whether playing solo, or with a full squad this gamemode is designed to deliver a fun and engaging experience. With all the gamemodes we have created over the years at TBD servers, this is by far our most advanced package that we have ever hosted. All I can say is if you have a minute to post below, make sure to give a huge shout out to our development team credited in the OP. We hope to see you live on the server soon!

What is this?

BlockOps is based off 'Call of Duty: BlackOps Zombies' and uses it as a primary template. This gamemode is both singleplayer and up to 4 multiplayer. Choose your map and game settings in the lobby, then start the game! The zombies are round based and get more health with every round. Buy guns and ammo off the walls from around the maps, or try your luck with the mystery box for a chance at more powerful weapons! Depending on the map you chose, different perks may be avaiable for purchase to inhance your abilities. Zombies have a chance to drop PowerUps, which give a welcome boost! Getting damaged by zombies will cause you to go into a 'downed' state. This means you'll need to be revived by a teammate or else you'll die. If everyone is downed or dead at the same time the game will end. How long will you survive? The top records will be displayed in the global leaderbard!


There are three available maps to play on BlockOps. Kino der Toten or "The Theater" is from Black Ops and is a large map. Green Run: Town is from Black Ops II and is a medium sized map, and Nacht der Untoten is a small map from Call of Duty: World at War.
Nacht der Untoten

Green Run: Town

Kino der Toten

Client Preview

The server client mod allows for an integrated leader board, map records, and player statics tracker GUI. Here are some previews!


Are you a madlad who hasn't played Call of Duty Zombies? Here is a short section to go over the function of the available Perk-a-Colas on the server.


We have a variety of weapons available in the gamemode! With guns from Black Ops, Black Ops II, and Black ops III there are 26 base weapons to try. Every gun has an upgraded variant, which means there's over 50 different guns to see!
*list does not include utility items and special items


So, what makes this server special? We didn't hold back when it comes to features! Check out this list!

  • Round based waves with scaling zombie HP and support for scaling with different player counts
  • Comprehensive zone based pathing system allows for minimal issues with zombie movement
  • Three high quality maps built out to spec in accordance with the original maps from Call of Duty
  • Lobby system with full spectating and queue support
  • Hundreds of high quality sounds imported directly from Call of Duty
  • Over 50 unique weapons accurate to the originals
  • All perk machines from the original maps are custom modeled by Nozero and fully functional
  • Expansive statistics system with per-player tracking, querying, map records, and global leader board
  • Smart zombie spawning system means trouble is never far behind
  • Full client sided add-on allows for enhancements otherwise not possible on a regular server
  • Dual servers with linked statistics and chat for multiple games at the same time.
  • Custom bricks, lights, and emitters bring the maps to life
  • Character specific voice lines that play for certain scenarios
  • Loading screen system means you'll never be in the environment zone abyss while ghosting
  • CDN built into the client for high speed downloads (~5 mins on average)
  • Full GUI to easily view server information
  • Tons of small enhancements you may or may not notice as you play

Join the TBD Servers discord for server announcements and updates, exclusive mods, support, and more!


PM / Build Lead     Lead Programmer             Lead 3D Artist   
The Brighter Dark (2227)     Buddy (28116)  Nozero (32598)

Build Assistants      Programmers             3D Artists
TF141 Ghost (31877)           Jasa (49865)                     RallyBlock (25973)
Vonski (34569)Monoblaster (46426)Davow (46492)
Kore (28039)Hologlaxer (45370)Conan (4984)
Khain (7368)
Mr. Noody (6480)

Actors & TestersPromotional Trailer
Pah1023 (12247)                  Dragonoid Slayer (29131)
Gothboy77 (14329)Allun Pentax (30881)
meatsale (48551)

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When can I play?
Servers will be back online Friday, March 1st at 6pm CST

Client Download

The client extension is required to connect to the server! Copy it into your Add-ons folder and reboot your game. Reference the below paths depending on your install.
* Having issues or need help? Join the TBD servers discord and ping an admin
* Find a conflicting client add-on or mod? Let us know so we can add it to our list of known incompatibilities!

Legacy add-ons directory
Steam add-ons directory
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Blockland\Add-Ons


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A very impressive mod and server. Amazing work

Hypeeee, been waiting a long time for this, was fun helping out where I could! Can't wait to play!!!  :cookieMonster: :cookie: :cookie:

extremely good stuff i highly rec everyone to check this out

Extremely well done, probably the best gamemode we've had in a long time!

testing & playing this was a blast! you guys did an amazing job creating a faithful blockland adaptation of black-ops

Quality server. Working on the GUI for this awakened my interest in modding for Blockland again.

was really astounded by the QoL things like wall repair animations and zombie head explosions

better than the original!

my fingers are falling off

my fingers are falling off
How long did that take?
Let me guess... you played until 5am, posted this screenshot, then went to bed?
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How long did that take?
Let me guess... you played until 5am, posted this screenshot, then went to bed?
i was up til 7:30 it took like 8 hours i think

we smokin filtered crack

Will there be another day when this will be up again? I sadly missed it and would really love to try to get to round 100 lol.