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Age of Dungeons - HUD
This originally was a personalized HUD client I developed for the popular and beloved dungeon-crawler gamemode: Age of Dungeons.
As a programming challenge, I decided to redesign the bottomprint text into a more visual based head-up display.

  • Armor Buffs & Debuffs icons!
  • Position & Growth status!
  • Built-in Spell Library for easy autocasting on demand for the brave mages! (Bind keys within Control menu.)
  • Built-in boss location approximator (Thanks Queuenard) & compass! (Bind keys within Control menu.)
  • Ranger mod cooldown icons for easier management of ranger mods for the fellow archers!
  • Dopamine-inducing damage, heal and mana popups! Alongside shiny coins dropping into gold bag upon gold pickup!


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nice work as always hologlaxer

officially endorsed by aod devs

Update - 1/07/2024
  • Fixed an error in which blood-curse buildup does not get extracted correctly.