Author Topic: Servers  (Read 4711 times)

r they down right now or is it me

Sometimes the master server goes down, so no one's servers can be seen. LAN still works though, I think.

I haven't had that problem before but my friends have. It only goes down for a few hours.

R they down now because it wont even search?

yeah the same thing happened to me and my friend i wonder y

the master server just crashed or they are fixing or changing something, it should be back up soon, but this gives you ppl some time to do something useful like homework or read or something....

well im done with my homework and my book is at school so i have nothing to do

get another book >:( NOW!

already read all my books in the house

HEY! no arguing with me, do what your told!

Guys, Post IPs that we can join while the Master Servers are down!

if u wanted u could join my challenge server but i dont know how to get my ip if u tell me how to find it  then ill post it

I'll start a server my ip is


ok thx my ip is if any1 wants to try my challenge