Author Topic: The (crappy) Master Server!  (Read 2840 times)

Ok this will be a database of IP addresses! Yea, um please post once, and only once, and post in teh following format:

IP Address:
Server Title:
Mod Pack Used:
Server Desc.:
Joining Pas (if any):
Clans Endorsed:

Again, this is just in case the Master Server is down... But here goes...

IP Address:
Mod Pack Used: RTB03 with PTTA
Server Desc.: A general server building random things. Though meant for Clan members, this can be used by anyone.
Joining Pass (if any): No Password Needed To Join
Clans Endorsed: <CBC>!

Mines up occasionally....May need to d/l some extra...

IP Address:
Server Title: Spaceomega's Server
Mod Pack Used: RTB
Server Desc.: Probly makin a big build
Joining Pass (if any):
Clans Endorsed: Any?

P.S. I will NEVER play rpg haven or rtb isles

mine will be up occasionally too but here it is
IP Address:
Server Title:My Challenge
Mod Pack Used:RTB
Server Desc.:A challenge u can do
Joining Pas (if any):
Clans Endorsed:none

Jeez..... Guys, talk in 1 topic, you don't have to make 50 billion topics bout' the master server..

someone should try getting the php for the master server, and then host their own for backup, then people can pay a fee to use it :p, or just make it free..... but yea, I think it's possible, someone should try, thats not me.\

edit: Well, I can't access the master server from where I am but i think people say it's fixed, anyways, that idea should still be considered by someone, I think someone said th emaster server uses php?
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you get NO IP from me!

Master server started working for me again last night!

I found a PERL script that seems to work... But if you want to use it, I have to A: Host it and B: You have to do something for me...