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Ok there is going to be a blockland comitee.So only clan leaders can be apart of this commite [AL]Tai told me to post this.If you are thinking about joing and you are a clan leader of any clan contact me.At MSN or email my email is and my msn is  :cookieMonster: ok then is you want to join the blockland comitee post a reply of your email and MSN and ill get back to you thank you!

ok then that would be nice XD :cookieMonster: :cookieMonster:
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LOL OMG. He's right... its getting really annoying. This IS a clan and you can't say anything about it. Please people stop making clans we have WAY more than enough already. Also, as he said theres gonna be 1 person per clan soon.

This isn't an instant messenger, its a forum

only freaken post if you want to join the clan comitee nothing more lol
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