Author Topic: Golem's Scavenger Hunt  (Read 2988 times)

Hear ye! Hear ye! I Golem, leader of the Bounty Hunters and noble warrior of "Age-of-time-alot" pronounce a scavenging expedition for the best and brightest of the land. If thou wish to test thy skill against others, search for the 7 hidden scrolls. Seeing as my own Scrolls do not work well with long messages, Each not will contain a simple message to thyself:

"Return this note to Golem for a prize!"


(1) Return the note to me, and me alone for the prize.

(2) You are howerver, allowed to sell your note to the highest bidder

(3) Whosoever collects all seven notes shall be accepted as a trainee of the bounty hunter's clan.

(4) Please return the notes eventually, don't keep them.
(We can replace them easily, so there is no point)

Each note will be labeled as "Golem's Hidden Note"
with a number at the end.

e.g. "Golem's Hidden Note 7"

Good luck, and happy hunting!  :cookie:

By the way, if any of you find the hidden notes post here so I can keep track of them. You don't have to return them right away if you are trying to get all seven, but I need to know that you have them so I don't assume they are stolen. ;)

What if your already in the bounty guild?  :cookieMonster: "DUH"

If you are already in the bounty guild just don't collect all seven at once, bring back one scroll at a time for CASH, WEAPON, and ITEM prizes! That goes for any player, bring back a scroll earn some cash or items! The bounty hunter thing is just for people who want to join and prove themselves.

OK cool thanks, and just wondering, how many are left?
 :cookieMonster:" yeah, yeah how many? "

OK cool thanks, and just wondering, how many are left?
 :cookieMonster:" yeah, yeah how many? "

You're an idiot.

Bounty guild SUCKS !!! REBEL NOW

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 :cookieMonster: :cookieMonster:

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Ok then... anyways new news! I believe that all the notes have been found! I don't know when i'll be on again, but return them to me if i'm on and you have them.

Golem, would you say those notes are your precious:cookieMonster: **drum kick**