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nightmissle: The thing is
nightmissle: Is that rtb is free
Sigfig: The point is not for getting people into RTB, it is a front to move them into Blockland Central, when Project A is released, they will know, and knowing how superior it is to RTB, they will buy it. Since Youtube is free advertsment, we could start wtih a nice userbase in Project A and not waste any money on ads.
nightmissle: Theres a bit of a flaw
nightmissle: Its the fact that we could get some retailers into RTB and tell them about it
nightmissle: Plus alot are bound to google blockland
nightmissle: And that will make them find out about retail
Sigfig: No, some are bound to google "Lego" or "Online Building game"
Sigfig: Nobody knows of Blockland, it only has about 5,000 people.
nightmissle: 6000
Sigfig: Whatever.
nightmissle: And I doubt an ad on youtube will get much more
Sigfig: The point is I want to get the video promoted to the front page.
nightmissle: Lmfao
nightmissle: Good luck with that
Sigfig: Put on Digg, facebook, and anyone elses Myspace.
Sigfig: No, it's possible, again, read the link up there.
nightmissle: Yeah the thing is
nightmissle: Is that blocklanders will do that too
Sigfig: They won't.
nightmissle: Yeah they will
Sigfig: I already proved it.
Sigfig: I'll give proof.
Sigfig: Here is a psychology experiment on Blockland in Febuary by me:   It proves the retailers aren't capable of doing a mass scale project.
nightmissle: No
Sigfig: All they do is whine and complain if they loose, just like Roblox.
nightmissle: Hurr
nightmissle: No
nightmissle: It means they dont give a forget if project A has a chence to think retail sucks and then masturbate to that
Sigfig: What
Sigfig: Talk
nightmissle: no
nightmissle: Misclicked
Sigfig: If you give a mass project to them like that, they won't do it.
Sigfig: They won't make ads.
Sigfig: They suck.
nightmissle: Lmfao
nightmissle: Dude
Sigfig: Heck, I even am building it in Retail as my first build, and I am almost done with it.
nightmissle: Dude
Sigfig: What
nightmissle: It isnt that they wont follow your challange
nightmissle: It is that they dont give a forget
nightmissle: Sure, project A people will get a chance to laugh like retards
Sigfig: Read the topic carefully, they actually gave a forget.
Sigfig: They even did research.
Sigfig: Haha, you sound like Mocheeze.
nightmissle: And I dont give a stuff
nightmissle: Seriously, I love how you are so elitist
Sigfig: Go to other window.
nightmissle: Why
nightmissle: Also
Sigfig: J23 Invited you to chat.
nightmissle: I dont see why you are so roostery because you think by following a viral internet guide
nightmissle: Which I am sure thousands of others have followed, and failed
nightmissle: You think that project A will get more people
Sigfig: Haha.
Sigfig: You sure look like a good weather forecaster.
nightmissle: what
Sigfig: Well perhaps you don't comprehend what I said because you don't have the intelligence of grasping such concept.
nightmissle: There goes your elitism
nightmissle: Just because I dont understand your jokes you have to prance around going HURR IM SMRTR THAN U! LOLOLLLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Sigfig: No, you wan't elitism. There is a website for you, it is called ""
Sigfig: Nah, just a another ten year old.
nightmissle: Stop loving inviting me to that chat
Sigfig: Your friend wants you to go there.
Sigfig: You're such a nice friend.
nightmissle: He isnt in the convo
Sigfig: What are you? Badspot's goons?
nightmissle: Lmao
nightmissle: Seriously, stop shooting in the dark
nightmissle: Learn to loving insult
nightmissle: You think I am so butthurt if you insult badspot
Sigfig: There you go, use foul language, seriously, it won't work here.
nightmissle: Lmao
nightmissle: Look you little dumbstuff
nightmissle: I will use foul language if I loving want to
nightmissle: If you  dont like it, get the forget out.
Sigfig: I'm sorry, but I can't find the "forget", so I can't go toss it out overboard.
nightmissle: OMG WITTAY ARNT WE
nightmissle: HURr
nightmissle: Seriously, what stuffty insult book did you get that out of?
Sigfig: You don't impress me with your ten year old insults.
nightmissle: Because if you resort to half assed insults and going OMG UR 10 LOL then I think I've pretty much won the arguement
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NOTE: Probuilder was on sigfigs account

i forgot all about project A, i still prefer TBG

lulz all around

Never tell your password to anyone.

NOTE: Probuilder was on sigfigs account

Here is a psychology experiment on Blockland in Febuary by me:   It proves the retailers aren't capable of doing a mass scale project.

Let me guess this straight, our decision not to jump through probuilder's hoops and play in his little circus means that Blocklanders lack the ability to work together on large scale project? lies.

Maybe Probuilder hasn't seen the many city builds we have, all large scale projects from a whole bunch of different people, or, if you need more evidence, how about the Afghanistani DM by USSR? That build is huge, and yet high quality. That was a collaborative effort.

Granted we didn't build him his precious satellite array, it still does not make him the next Sigmund Freud.

lets make a commercial for the luls

Why is it so difficult to spell "lose" correctly?

ProBuilder isn't so 'Pro', so I've decided to name him NotAsPro-Builder.

His smart ass stuff comebacks are annoying, indeed. Next time he comes in my server, his ass belongs to my boot.

Why is it so difficult to spell "lose" correctly?

This made my daynext day.