Author Topic: A custom wallpaper I made for my brother's computer...  (Read 1143 times)

You're probably wondering why I care so much about the way my brother's computer is set up.

1. I use it occasionally.
2. It's the local file sharing server, all of my family's computers dump stuff on it when they want to transfer it somewhere else.
3. It's not running very well at the moment. No spyware or viruses, just screwed up entires in the registry from deleting program folders instead of running the uninstaller and tons of processes running that don't need to be.
4. All of my really old stuff is on there. I found 5 copies of AoT, 3 of which were AoTv3. It has 5 copies of Fort Mod for Blockland, a copy of RTB, SBL, Zombie Mod, 3-4 games Rotondo never finished, screenshots from BLM, and stuff from before I even discovered that there were things on the Internet called forums where you could type on them and it would appear on your screen and other people could actually read what you said and type stuff back to you. I've also got lots of old chat logs on this computer, some of which may still be of interest. It's too bad I lost the text-based Counterstrike game we had on #rtb when my hard drive died. All of those logs are on my computer now, so I shouldn't have to switch back to my brother's for them anymore.

Anyway I thought the background was funny enough that I'd share it. And if it isn't funny, it's 4:00 in the morning and you can't blame me.