Author Topic: Struck again.....  (Read 5663 times)

For the mega spammer/ destroyer has struck again in TechHuts server, we had built a whole big city and a trailer, and then over night he destroyed it all and spammed with towers upon towers of 1x1's.

This is getting wierd. There have been 3 reports of mysterious spam in the current week. What if the spammer is the same guy who struck by Facechild, Otis, and Zero?

Ronin said it wasn't him and many people have been impersonating people.

This is becoming a problem as of recently, half of the servers I join anymore are full of spam.   0_0

there should be a block spam button if it's possible

How would you get the server to recognize spam?

Wow, Mocheeze, you have a patch for EVERYTHING :D

make a certain brick placement per  minute limit and if the person constantly goes over disable his brick placing rights

But he'd of already done a fine bit of damage :(

Player max brick limits and make it so when a player leaves game their bricks are destroyed so they can't come back as a new user and keep spamming

That's pratically already done...

Well guys that would work if I used RTB... Or...

ptta.. destroy bricks by player