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Some tips for packaging add-ons:

  • Do not include thumbs.db files - thumbs.db files are thumbnail database files generated by windows to let you use the "thumbnails" view.  They do nothing for your add-on and only bloat the .zip size.  You will have to turn on hidden files to see them and delete them. 
  • Do not duplicate existing files - If your add-on uses one of the default particles or sounds, you can reference it from where it is.  You don't have to make a copy of it to include in your .zip.  For example you can use base/data/particles/star1.  It is also acceptable to use files that are in add-ons that are included with the game.  For example if you make a new gun you can use Add-ons/Weapon_Gun/pistol.dts. 
  • Do not use .ogg files for sound effects - They do not work properly from zip files (and are pretty dodgy in general).
  • Server.cs is not needed for faces or chest decals
  • Do not create guis from server.cs - Creating guis and other client-side objects on a dedicated server may cause problems.  If your add-on features guis or other client-side changes such as keybindings, include those in client.cs
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