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Alright, some of you veteran members remember a clan called [Myrmidon] that was started not to long ago. Well, I have thought about it alot lately and I've decided to bring it back.
For those of you who don't know about it, I will post the neccessary information for you.
Main mod-pack: TBM or RtB, we'll play in both for some variety.
Time server is mostly up: I'd say I'll host a recruiting server around the time I get home which is 3 PM CMT. Central time.
Leaders Currently: Goron, and Led
Ways to contact us: Xfires: blackmage3 (Goron), firegoo (Led).

Happy Blocklanding.

Wow [Myrmidon] that takes me back =/

Doesn't it take us all back?

Edit: I also forgot, this is a DM/Building Clan.
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Ahhhh... I remember Myrmidon... Good times.

Err.... I might not be on a lot for a while, grounded. But till I get back, I'm gonna let Led do all the main stuff and stuff.

I had some buddies in that takes me back :D

I remember the day Myrmidon was formed, Vrutrega called [Ninja] quits and the remnants of the clan(including me) formed Myrmidon. The first server was in buildbox.