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But change frightens me.


Geometry humor.

I think that having used Vista for 8 months, having found every problem I have had and fixed on my old XP machine to be there and nigh-unfixable on Vista, as well as the fact that I have seen its array of svchosts taking to over 400mb of my precious 768mb of Ram at once, that I have every damn right to badmouth Vista if I please.

I'll give M$ the credit they deserve: As far as functionality goes, it has few problems aside from the five hours I spent turning off all the bullstuff 'user friendliness' systems that make copying a single god damn file from one folder to another take four damn minutes while I get some nine or ten alerts saying "THIS MAY CAUSE A PROGRAM NOT TO WORK PROPERLY" or "THIS FOLDER IS A SYSTEM FOLDER" (it says that for EVERY DAMN FOLDER, incidentally). Aside from those flaws which I spent a long time fixing up, its functionality has been fine. On the other hand, its OpenGL support has been lacking - this same machine with XP was somehow making use of four more OpenGL extensions without a single hardware change, and it tends to lag like ass whenever I try to have a window over the top of an OpenGL window (for instance, Blockland), and it has an odd bug with disconnecting from my wireless network for no reason and refusing to reconnect (It stops receiving or sending data to the network without internally saying it's no longer connected).

It has its fair share of bugs, even with SP1 (which mysteriously reset all my settings including my clock, cleared my cookies, my saved passwords, my wireless network data, and even removed the password from my user account when I installed it) but what pisses me off most is optimization issues. It tends to eat up my RAM, it often gets its processor usage unnaturally high while not actually doing anything I told it to (it has sat with one svchost taking 100% of my processor power for almost an hour and changed nothing at all), and things which ran much faster on XP on this hardware simply run so much slower. Not to even mention its defrag tool - it's actually faster to backup my important data, format my hard drive and reinstall than it is to defragment 50% of my hard drive, it doesn't tell me anything about the progress it's making or the fragmentation status. It's the first time I've actually needed to install a third party tool to do these basic maintenance operations.

Put simply, I'm backing up my music, my WIPs, formatting it and reinstalling XP. Updating to Vista was a waste of my time and money, although it was certainly a fun experiment while it lasted.

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My xp broke down, and i wanted to buy an xp, but i found out in a few months they will not run, and there wasn't any xps in the store, so my brother bought me a vista so ummm..... XP lovers will have to buy vistas when xps stop working, But i like Both, xp and vista


My xp broke down, and i wanted to buy an xp, but i found out in a few months they will not run, and there wasn't any xps in the store, so my brother bought me a vista so ummm..... XP lovers will have to buy vistas when xps stop working, But i like Both, xp and vista

XP will still run. It'll run til the end of time on the right hardware.

Microsoft is no longer selling XP in stores, or packaging it with new computers. They will continue to support and update the operating system until Aug 30, 2014. After that, XP will become prone to new viruses and issues. That is likely as far you'll want to go with XP.

lol typos in pic.

Just wanted to mention a few facts:
Windows = Operation System.
Operation Systems like to be called Plattforms.
How much is a plattform worth when it is already full?

Even microsoft accepted that vista wasn't the best thing, why else should they hurry so much with the next windows? (Vista, the new ME? not quite, but almost)

Anyways, things could've been damn much better, almost nothing in vista has been done that couldn't be done in windows xp, effects, changes whatever, it all could've just been a few programs and some changes in the files and that's it, vista is just a simple money machine to cut off some gold from modding xp (look at it, deeply, you'll see, it really is nothing more than a 'bit' deeper modification of xp)

Putting this things away, why are those effects that vista uses running faster on linux, even with much more amazing effects, even though it's the same machine?
This just takes me to the next point, hey, they gave a crap about optimization.
WOW, and that also explains why it takes up such a hell load of RAM, PROCESSING POWER, and the HARDDRIVE.

And don't think I didn't try Vista, I used it on my main computer for a few months, before and after Sp1 was out, and even in the betas.
Also on a secondary pc, and as a next point, I was literally a fanboy before it came out, why? Cause the features they didn't build in are kick ass, they even wanted to build in a native linux kernel to run linux applications etc. ON A WINDOWS SYSTEM! they gave that up, nice.

what could've saved the day? Ah, the new filesystem they planned, a filesystem using SQL, that would've been really nice, nah, forgotten, bye bye amazing new filesystem, maybe until the next windows.

Next step, let's look at modern games, the ones that have DirectX9 and 10, making advertising for Vistas DX10.
Crysis, well, it took a few weeks, and there was a patch to unlock the DX10 graphics on DX9 WinXp, ...... and almost no difference in the speed compared to a vista install with DX10, weird huh?

Working effectivity, let's make some brown townyzements, objective.
Give some people Vista and XP, let them get into the system, what happens? After a short time almost all of the eye candy of Vista is gone, turned off.
3d effects etc. not used at all, ineffective, avoided cause of slowdowns.
Security features, gone, they are just too annoying. (why not make the system a bit more secure itself, no, just block anything out, like stuffing a keyhole to prevent the key, man, don't put in the keyhole to begin with if you don't want everyone to use it.
(Compare Internet Explorer to Firefox, security wise, or feature wise etc. have fun, you'll see an issue here).

Want me to talk on? I can, but my father called, I'm drinking coffee now, coffee has priority :P

Enjoy your Mac, cigarette.

x64 xp does not work like 64 bit should. it pretty much emulated 64bit'ness for the very few xp programs that were made compatible.

thus vista

also the difference between the old limit of 3.4whatever G memory, to now 128G memory

so yes, use that XP because you think vista sucks, within a year it will be a standard average to have 8gigs of ram, and not long, much more.
xp will be labeled incredibly outdated very very soon.
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the only reason i dont use vista is because i cant get worms armageddon to work on it.