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The Roblox vs Blockland graph is completely accurate.  More people play Roblox than Blockland. 

Then again, why would someone who plays blockland have to search the term over and over on Google? Point I'm trying to get across is at the beginning of 2005, a greater amount of people searched Blockland than then ones who searched Roblox, thus technically Blockland should have the higher player count, not to mention that you had a time advantage.
Fact is that Roblox has more players, rendering the google chart useless.

Oh, Badspot's post reminded me that I can't port forward anymore with Vista for some reason.

Of course Roblox has a higher playercount. It targets little children with FREE GAMEZ LOLLZORZSKATES!!!!11!!!
Blockland costs money. Their young, underdeveloped minds see the monthly fee for Roblox and think "HURR, $6<$20," and think nothing more of it. Incidentally, this weeds out some of the idiots that play Roblox, but sadly, not all of them.
We could also force you to have a valid Blockland key to access the forums, or at least everything but the Help section, so the "raiders" stay away, and enforce stricter rules, such as emote spam and E-Tard.
Just some thoughts.

Limit the amount of emotes? Also, I think badspot would agree: We need new forums, ours are broked :(

I like the BL key idea.

The Roblox vs Blockland graph is completely accurate.  More people play Roblox than Blockland.  On a related note, more people have AIDS than play Blockland. 

Google trends is a measure of quantity.  It is not a richard measuring device.  I did not compare "vista vs xp" or "xbox vs ps3" or anything that juvenile.  The search comparison is real and relevant.  Like it or not, when people have a problem they put "problem" in the search term.  The quantity of Vista problems is greater than the quantity of XP problems. 

My point is, that it is the quality of the data that negates its relevance. People perceive changes in everything from hardware to software as a problem when they can't figure something out. For all we know, the "problems" they were having were user error. As I showed with my warez search using google trends, the graphs that are displayed can be interpreted a number of different ways. We know for a fact that illegal downloads have increased yet the graph showed searches for warez decreased. This leads me to believe that statistics are a lot more than just random charts and figures you can spout out without examining the potential reasons behind the data.

I must admit, however, that I can't refute your personal experience with handling tech support for BL. I am sure, given the average age of the player base, that you have had numerous complaints related to using Vista. Then again, why blame the kid whose balls haven't dropped yet when you can just blame the operating system?

I think that having used Vista for 8 months, having found every problem I have had and fixed on my old XP machine to be there and nigh-unfixable on Vista, as well as the fact that I have seen its array of svchosts taking to over 400mb of my precious 768mb of Ram at once, that I have every damn right to badmouth Vista if I please.

I'll give M$ the credit they deserve: As far as functionality goes, it has few problems aside from the five hours I spent turning off all the bullstuff 'user friendliness' systems that make copying a single god damn file from one folder to another take four damn minutes while I get some nine or ten alerts saying "THIS MAY CAUSE A PROGRAM NOT TO WORK PROPERLY" or "THIS FOLDER IS A SYSTEM FOLDER" (it says that for EVERY DAMN FOLDER, incidentally). Aside from those flaws which I spent a long time fixing up, its functionality has been fine. On the other hand, its OpenGL support has been lacking - this same machine with XP was somehow making use of four more OpenGL extensions without a single hardware change, and it tends to lag like ass whenever I try to have a window over the top of an OpenGL window (for instance, Blockland), and it has an odd bug with disconnecting from my wireless network for no reason and refusing to reconnect (It stops receiving or sending data to the network without internally saying it's no longer connected).

It has its fair share of bugs, even with SP1 (which mysteriously reset all my settings including my clock, cleared my cookies, my saved passwords, my wireless network data, and even removed the password from my user account when I installed it) but what pisses me off most is optimization issues. It tends to eat up my RAM, it often gets its processor usage unnaturally high while not actually doing anything I told it to (it has sat with one svchost taking 100% of my processor power for almost an hour and changed nothing at all), and things which ran much faster on XP on this hardware simply run so much slower. Not to even mention its defrag tool - it's actually faster to backup my important data, format my hard drive and reinstall than it is to defragment 50% of my hard drive, it doesn't tell me anything about the progress it's making or the fragmentation status. It's the first time I've actually needed to install a third party tool to do these basic maintenance operations.

Put simply, I'm backing up my music, my WIPs, formatting it and reinstalling XP. Updating to Vista was a waste of my time and money, although it was certainly a fun experiment while it lasted.

I'm not actually sure how many "problems" i have had. everyday on a computer your tweaking something, adjusting something, figuring out something. things i don't know, but have the means to figure out on my own i don't call a problem.
while many users would instantly figure they are screwed and search out fixes.

The only problem I had with Vista was it was sluggish which was fixed by a $10 1 GB RAM stick, and my monitor would black out sometimes for a second or two causing Blockland and City of Heroes to crash, but that turned out because I was using DirectX 10 on a non-compatible card. My own fault basically.

If I were to get Vista right now, I'd be fine. But I'd rather get more RAM and back up stuff first. And get Vista Home Premium for the matter.

@ Tannrar:
We were talking about the graphs giving false representations, not which game has more players.
Stop trying so hard.

Hearsay?  You must have missed the part where I said my extensive direct experience with vista was terrible.

If we made a graph of the tech-support emails I get it would almost certainly show a sharp decline after the release of V9, mainly because the macintosh version isn't broken anymore and you don't have to un-zip anything to install add-ons.  Now if I could just eliminate the need for port-forwarding I probably wouldn't get any emails. 

I bet there is a way

@ Tannrar:
We were talking about the graphs giving false representations, not which game has more players.
Stop trying so hard.
I was simply expanding on what you said about roblox having more players, which made me go off on a tangent.
Good day, Partizan.

There was never a need to expand on a subject that is not in anyone's interest.

Like I said, it was a tangent.

I just have to derail this for a moment.

Remember ME? God DAMN.