Author Topic: Output Event - SetPlayerNodeColorP  (Read 8182 times)

This event lets you set a players node colors from your color set. I might edit it later to set decals, or something else.
Useful to make someone look like a zombie or a ice block.


Actually, a decal setting would be very useful for class DMs.

Alright, i'll get to work on it later.

Have my download.

i will download and very well apreciate it if you WOULD HURRY UP WITH THE FRICKIN DECAL CHANGER THINGAMAGIGER!.........

can this change different body parts? or just the whole body

Different body parts.

Very nice!

EDIT: It's only changing my head and left arm when i have it set to change everything :o
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I can't get it to change my legs or hip or torso.

Try Rotondo's color / appearance event Add-On instead.