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Hai all. I just made a new pack of little smileys. It includes a sad face, a grinning face, a in love faceI couldnt think of anything else D:, and a regular face.It may suck but it's my first decal. I used MS paint, then I used Microsoft image editor to transparent it and resize it.


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Well since there your first i guess there not that bad but there are sooooooo many smiley faces try somthing different.

Ya first post lol

The eyes are a little off in the pic there.

It may suck but it's my first decal.
If you know it sucks, don't post it.
Furthermore, never post your first attempts at ANYTHING.

Looks like a constipated little boy.

not THAT good but still (im not gonna download i already have enough faces)

there eh.. gee THEY'RE THE WORST IVE EVER SEEN... see i said it