Author Topic: Saving bricks to the map?  (Read 2400 times)

i dont know if anyone knows what i mean by this. i know i can load up a new game of bedroom and only static items from the f11 can be autoloaded, if was saved to map from before.

but can i save EVERYTHING that me and my brother built in our town to a map?
also mainly, would that reduce lag?

its starting to build up nicely, and with the wand used very well, but finally we feel the lag slowley comming :(

and theres nothing i hate more then to start a second area far away so town1 and town2 cant see and lag each other. i want a real built up town, not a dozen houses and buildings on a road.
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If you want to have a .per to load on mission start up, you copy the .per file to the .mis file of you specified map. Recommended that you back up your map before doing this.
btw why am I banned from you servers?

yeah i'm banned too, i came in for like 2 sec, you said something and then i was banned...

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mistaken identity or someone trying to be you.
how would i go aboutunbanning?
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NVM i just joined your server............

starts with a 71 or something. anyways i don't go around with the name "Ytud Fo" only "Ytud Fo Llac" or some other aliases.

Think he just meant your name. Not your online name.