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Ty man I really needed this!


please, go die. in a fire. or a pit. now.

I took down 3 tanks.
With a tank. XD

Nvm i got it to work i used internet explorer.

zombie mod v8 was epic
zombie mod v9... redefines epic

first thing I'm gonna do with my first paycheck of my job is get retail so I can host a Left 4 Dead game online ^.^

I think this needs a Map just for itself. Time to work on one.

This mod reminds me of boxhead. Probly because the character is almost blocky like blockland avatars. And the zombie classes.
dude your right, now all we need is a rectangle for a rocket launcher.

I don't want to be the guy who ruins it all, but I have to say that I am not really amazed with this. The sounds are ok but not really worth the download in my opinion (when you join servers), and the new view angle is really weird to shoot with. Why could you not just port the old version?

Mom said,"NO PAYPAL!"
i would have but I cant D:

hmm... zombie mod + minigun, diablo flamethrower, and P90 addons= lots of dead zombies!

Then a tank came-
and I died

speaking of which, I figured out some things about the Zombie's resilience. Using the P90 silenced mod, I tested the health of the dead:

Normal, Slow, and Fast Zombies all took about a second of lead
The Hunter took about 3 seconds of lead
The Boomer is literally on a hair-trigger: It took a single bullet to send them to the big graveyard in the sky- and everyone else nearby...
Tanks- Oh god, that guy was a nightmare: about 7 seconds of lead, running backwards screaming like  a ninny all the while

believe it or not, I only died once on my test run, and only on the first of the two tanks

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Where the hell have I been this whole time? I just discovered this! D:

I personally like the fact that you can't become a zombie. It gives it a different kind of 'supernatural' effect. Zombies have risen from the (let's say) graveyard, and all they wanna do is eat your brainz. Blah blah, all that crap.

But really, nice job.