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Zombie mod in the style of the "Left 4 Dead" game.

Includes zombies, ammo mod, different zombie classes, and other crap I'm too tired to add right now.

Zombies work like vehicles now, so place a zombie spawn brick then hit it with your wrench and choose the zombie class.

Make sure to use the Survivor Player, they currently only work correctly with that player datablock.

If you want to totally disable zombies on your server, when you're away or whatever, use /DisableZombieMod

To enable it again, use /EnableZombieMod


Extra Info
You can not play as a zombie in this version.
You can spawn as a zombie in a minigame but you can't really do anything, this will hopefully be remedied in later version.
I suggest using the DefaultMinigame script, for larger builds where you don't want just anyone making a zombie minigame.
Since zombies act as vehicles, you need to increase the Max Player Vehicles per player, limit in the advanced config gui, in the start server menu.



For those of you who came through google here's a link to the new topic, LINK
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They just stand there.... How to make them work... i typed /EnableZombieMod and they still dont move

I forgot to add, they only work with the "Survivor Player" for now, hopefully next version it'll work for every one.

Is this for only one person?

Or is it for everyone?

Is this for only one person?

Or is it for everyone?
Everyone most likley

Works fine! Servers Up!
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H8 U

Ha now I can have zombies invade my toy store.

You did an excellent job Rotondo.
I love it.
I am making very good use of this.

Rot wasn't there more then 1 zombie game styles what happend to thoose?


This is awesome...
I made 10 tank zombies chase me...
Guess who won?
Thats right.
The zombies