Author Topic: BioShock prints [Updated] 3 new prints!  (Read 10449 times)

This are my first prints, i release them now alot of more are coming various skills and other icons, and i also need to fix the icon of the tele attack i do that tomorrow. Fixed
I dont release this for getting flamed just to improve my skills and mabby help people that want to build
bioshock themed buildings.
3 new prints!

Download the new one just replace.

Also please give some feedback.
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needs more, like all the power things.

needs more, like all the power things.
I add more of them tomorrow ;)

Bump update added 3 more new print and fixed the icon of tele attack.
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make them blockland ish?

like for the one with the spoon try to replace it with a blockheads head.

No, sorry.
Its BioShock themed, not blockland ish, but thanks for the tip ;)
It is only for BlockLand.
Im might replace the one whit the spoon whit an attack.
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I love 'em.
Thanks, im adding some more attacks.
Also idea's are welcome.

im making a build of this :D
thnx i needed this

Thanks, im almost done whit the next one. (to much homework from school.)
I will replace the big daddy whit the girl in his hands whit an attack.

how about bees? that would be cool, or Security Bullseye (if thats not there) and hypnitize big daddy that would be cool lol. (no i don't play Bioshock but my brother and my friend does.)

I add them and i know i play BioShock to :D

Somewhat useless.
I agree a bit whit you, also if you readed i didn't posted this for getting flamed whatever.
I posted this for people who like Bioshock and might want to make themed buildings of it.