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im makin myself a nice sized ship. but ofcourse theres the water line. i can make it LOOK like its in the water, having pices bottom out below the water line, no prob.

but what if i want to go down into my ship, lower then the water line?

without it being flooded x.x
or cant i...

Please post stuff in the right forums. Ie if you need help post it in the help section. Dosn't take a monkey to figure it out.

aw. oops

well no reason to throw insults over it. let them ban me or hide this if it offends so bad, its a mistake. i would move it if i could.

^Agreed.  Hopefully this will be moved to the right place.

I'm trying to figure out how to use waterblocks as well.  Basically, they're no fun...  At least, that's the way it seems to be for me.  With enough effort, you can acomplish what you're trying to do, but there are some very noticeable limitations.  I'll tell you what I'm trying to do, and the solutions I've heard for it.

On my "Skies of Blockadia" map, I'm making some floating islands.  I'd like to put lakes on some of them, but the water "bleeds" through the models.  So, when you pass the water block, you end up floating, or swimming, or such, regardless of how far away you might be from it.  There's the "removeWetEdge" option, or some such, but I haven't seen much success with that, one way or the other (perhaps I haven't fiddled with it enough).  So, what I've done is set "density=0" and "viscosity=0"  This means you can't swim in the water, since there's basically no surface tension whatsoever.  If the "removeWetEdges" option works (not sure how to use it, since I don't see it working), then you might not need to change those settings.  As I understand it, if that option does what it's supposed to (I can't tell if it's supposed to be checked, or unchecked), then it will limit how far the water's surface extends.  So, when you're far enough away, the surface tension will no longer have an effect on you.  If that holds up, then you can place waterblocks around your ship, and you would be able to walk below the water's surface.  Of course, you have to space your Lego (TM) blocks and waterblocks very strategicaly for this to work.  Meaning, you'll probably have to place more than one waterblock around your ship.

Another thing of importance is that the waterblocks are only scaleable in powers of 2.  I'm pretty sure they can only be moved in powers of 2 as well.  So, you might want to build a thick hull, since, most likely, some of the water isn't going to go where you want it to.

Hopefully, I've helped you out somehow.  If not, please be ask a more specific question.  Hopefully I'll be able to provide some help.  One thing to note is that water (when you have the right textures applied) looks much better with "depthMask" checked.  Anyway, good luck.  Hopefully you'll get this figured out.  Mouser X over and out.

im not to sure how to use a waterblock. or what it means to have one. ill mess around a bit till i figure something out

Mouser, just use the floodfill thingy, uncheck it to have it contained.