Author Topic: Infestation Exterminator  (Read 1842 times)

hokay so i'm starting a bussiness that gets rid of pesky orcs meat cubes and craps


Small infestation  $7
Medium infestation  $11
Large infestation  $15

Who pays you? What if you're int he swamp and a client needs you at fort bad?

the custumor and if i do a good job i can buy a horse

Wouldn't it be easier to break crates?

Ya funkymun, you;re gonna spend 3 weeks getting 300 gold for a horse that someone will kill in 5 minutes.

*rides horse to scene*

thats what will happen're starting a hunt down monsters just like everyone else in the game does...but you want people to pay you for it...

I wish you the best of Luck!

Haha remember my horse farm? Now  THAT my friends was classic.
Even badspot went WOAH wtf.

Haha, I had at least 27 horses all lined up on a secret field. Stupid police chase around AoT discovered it. I was trying to kill the cop and the robber while they were running around my field. Grr. Finally badspot came and started taking a few. Then everyone came and took my horsies.

Thats a lot of money and stealing I put in :(

Mocheeze had 19 in his stash one time. I think he had more than one too. But the others only had like 2-3 horses.

Haven't seen any new horse stashes yet :(

I think horses only cost $300 now.