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Ok everyone, we now have an official government of Starboard town. Here's how it works:

There are different levels of government. At the top are the lords, which is a small group. Then below them we have a slightly larger group of officers that will watch over the town when Lords are away. Below them are the citizens.

As of the beginning of the the government formation there are only lords. The lords are as follows (alphabetically):


I am the head lord just because it makes things easier to have a figurehead, but I don't really have any more power than the other guys. Rititundo and Pepperpot haven't confirmed yet whether they want to be part of this, but we assume they do.

Even though many of the lords are/were developers for RTB this group it not affiliated with RTB in anyway (other than using RTB webspace for hosting files, like the spiffy image at the beginning of the post).

We're still working out the full system of how citizenship works. Here's our rough idea so far:

People must provide Lords with supplies like wood, rocks, fibers, dyes, etc. In return you are awarded citizenship, and the benefits afforded with it. Citizens of SBT (Starboard Town) get awarded many prizes like horses, gold, and other nice things that we're still thinking of. Along with the physical goods, you will build a camaraderie with the other citizens and form bonds of friendship with some cool guys.

Right now there are some known dis-advantages to the location of SBT. These include the absence of a post office, bank and beds. We're going to be lobbying for the addition of these amenities in the future. The biggest thing we need are beds, and there aren't really any reasons why Badspot wouldn't give them to us.

We won't recognize any other groups that have, or may try to, claim governance of SBT. There is apparently no acting government before us, and any other claims will be seen as a direct attack on the lords, and will be dealt with swiftly and quietly. We hope this won't even have to happen anyway, so it may be a moot point.

We're very excited about this new oppurtunity for people to enjoy AoT in new and interesting ways. Stay tuned to this thread for more details as we work them out. We will have an easy to use map to SBT soon also. For those that don't want to wait for the map, just go East from the volcano.

sign me up as interested or something sounds neat, but I gtg! Ill read over later.

Sounds interesting, how would you feel about paying the bounty hunters for their protection services? Also, if possible I would like to apply for lordmanship.

Edit: Talked to you in-game, and you said "No"...
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Even though I already told you this in AoT, I'll say it here since others may have the same question: We aren't accepting lords. SBT is only open to citizens, and later we will choose officers from the citizens.

I know you told me in fact i was editing my post at the same time you posted your reply here. :)

Sounds neat, I'd like to apply for citizenship in SBT!

I'd like too apply aswell.

I (Dr Vader III) is offering to run the store in this town.  I will give 1/3 of the profit to the goverment and 2/3 to me. If they accept this it can be run about 3 hours a day!

Why not 2/3 of prfits go to government. It will show your loyalty

sign me up,this is the kind of  devlopment i like in games,thanks SBT

even tho im hated can i join :)

Whenever I play AOT, I'll join.

My character is Speckzz, Speckz, Speckzzz or.. SABank

Enroll me for citizenship. I don't really play much, but I'll start again. (Probably when the next fix comes out, and a few times before then...) I suppose the reason I don't play anymore is because no one I know or trust is ever on either. Maybe this will fix it.

Suppose, that if item assembly were created, you could start sweatshops to provide the general public with basic armaments? For the price of all that fiber, dye, wood, and what not.

dude thats creepy. cool but creepy.  I'll need you to give me a place for my Paladins to meet seeing as i was using starboard as our base already(maybe we could be starboards starboard militia or something like that) you won't have me fight you claim of starboard with my prevous one but i would like to keep my claim on the house in starboard. Uild hall like, ya know.

Also, can you change your leader name, i'm using lord as my clanleader name so this might confuddle some of the players. next thing you know i'll have people pestering me saying things like "d00d h0\/\/ y0u bc0/\/\3 a 10rd" or other noobishness. if i have anybody think i'm a lord i'll just redirect them to you if you don't change the name.
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