Author Topic: PortForwarding, Cant Get Any Easyer, Help!  (Read 989 times)

Netgear, Confusing router, Help people, Please


1: Edit the pic, and blot out the IP- some people on these fourms have too much spare time *cough*YUKI*cough*

2:It REALLY cant get any easier than badspot's tutorial. take another look at that.

if your having trouble then just search for more instructions on google or forum.

Just because you know someone's IP doesn't mean you can hack them. They only will if they know it will be an easy target, such as no firewalls or other security things, and the router screenshot obviously shows a firewall built it. You can also easily obtain anyone's IP by simply having them join your server, or connecting to there server.

As for what to do, did you try looking around?

First you have t oown the game(dont read this step if you own it)
Then if you have McAfee Security Center. Open it
Then go to internet and network click configure after you click on it(the one inside the box)
Then go to firewall protction and click advanced
then put the sercurity thing to tight just for the extra safty of ppl in your comp.
Go to prgram permissions.
After the list loads find Blockland.. If you dont find it, add it by clicking add allowed program
Then after you click blockland in the permission thing, allow it full access
  the underlined things are the begining of a new step to this

If the first port forwarding instruction doesnt work, then search for more on forum, or search for more on google. But you have to know that you have to edit firewall.