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Ok, so I was heading in one direction on the slopes for a very long time.  Then, all of the sudden, everything went nuts.  The picture gives a general idea of what was going on.  I've never seen anything like this.  Any ideas on what happened?

By the way, I tried getting back to the center of the map and finally gave up and typed in:  clientgroup.getobject(0).player.setTransform("0 0 200");  It teleported me back to the center and everything was fine after that.  I never knew that there was chaos past the mirror images of a map.

Why is there a minifig infront of you?

Well I wouldn't expect the map to continue for infinity. Try going a little more past that and see what happens :-P

whats with the radar? where did you get that sorry for the off topic.

I was in 3rd person view when I took that screenshot so you could see the effects not only on the terrain, but also my minifig.

The only problem with continuing on is that I could barely move.  The game's physics went totaly nuts and I could barely control my movement.  To top it off, the ground was no longer solid and I would fall unless I had the jetpack on (and even that wasn't working to well.)

I made the radar myself, check for the Radar 2.0 topic under mod snippets.

Maybe you so far that the game couldn't process everything back at the spawn point along with your current posistion.

Well, whatever it was, I sure did get a good laugh out of it because I was starting to get bored.

I made the same experiment, but I got tired of flying after 50 minutes and gave up. Though I saw some instability. My spacehelmet was shaking like hell in 1st person mode and there were som texture bugs on the ground. Then I put in -200000000 in the coordinates (y-coordinate I think) for my minifig in F11. You can see the result in the picture. An amazing pattern that changed every time I moved a little. One question BlueGreen: how long time did you fly?

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For some reason that pic reminds me of Space Hunters...

thats weird, it reminds me of kotor2

It reminds me of a glitch in the Torque Game Engine caused by moving
substantially far away from the area in which the player spawns.

I've seen something quite similar to all this just recently. Goron was flying really fast and he stumbled on this glitch, then teleported Djy and me to him. I shot some footage, and made my way back to the spawn. I found the spawn point about 200-250 units away. I'm not sure exactly if it was the spawn, I thought I saw a wrench, but then Djy teleported me to him before I could get close enough. Oh well.

Here's the link to a one minute movie that shows the end of the terrain in SBL-Vehicle Test: m/endofworld.wmv
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Erm... i dont think that's the end of the world. I think you just removed the floor

Haha. I tried building in the end of the world. Its crazy. You can only build in one direction, and up. Hmm... Normally, you can move a brick up, down, back, forward, left, and right. In this place, I could only build left, right, up, and down. It was really odd. No matter where I fired at the baseplate, the ghost brick appeared in the same place. Sometimes bricks would disappear, or the terrain would "overlap" the bricks. Crazy stuff.

It reminds me of a glitch in the Torque Game Engine caused by moving
substantially far away from the area in which the player spawns.

Yeah, it is that glitch.