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Pssstt... Krokodil, you're the only good builder in the clan... and pssttt... also the only one alive...

Thanks for the compliment, but the rest is not true.. :) And we do have other good builders too.

Those would be? Don't even say Primos, only thing I saw a pic of that he 'helped' you on were the large lego bricks. Those weren't too hard to make, judging from the pictures, and I bet he barely helped. Sigh. I think you should make your own clan, Krok, if not join a better one.

EDIT: Or remake WOLF, and not let in the... well... intellegence impaired?
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I've seen better builds by Primo. Actually it was his idea to make the large lego bricks. I only made the window and the sloped brick. So, you're wrong again.. :P But I agree, those weren't hard to do.

I see. And what language were you speaking in the first picture?

It's Swedish. And yeah, I'm from Sweden.. :P

Figured you were foreign from the first time I saw your name. And then I saw Primos... Well anyway. Ever think about remaking WOLF? I'm not saying I'd join it, just, it seems infested with old, dead players and noobs.

Dont be so hard on a new (old) clan. They seemed fine when I visited.

WOLF is one of the oldest clans and now it has a lot of dead members. I think it should be remade, and Primos should play more. Come to think of it, I don't see much of Krok either. Meh meh.

entrepreneur in: lwl, I dunno.. that would be up to Primo, because it's his clan. Remake how? You mean like getting a new name? True, I havn't got much time to play because of the school, but it's summer break soon.

Thanks Ronin!

Well, I just mean remake as in either:
-Close out the clan, and remake it with a new name, recruit.
-Kick out dead members that don't play anymore and start recruiting again.

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