Author Topic: Dead Server, Is it my add-ons?  (Read 559 times)

      I have been trying to host a server for quite a while, but everytime I PM someone to see if its up and running, the ping is DEAD.
(I do have RTB, could the Add-ons I downloaded affect my server connection?)
Anyway, Blockland is now getting boring without any friends or people to build with on my servers. WTH is going on.

(Please don't post if you don't know what the F*** is going on, I hate spammed threads)

I don't think it's the add-ons. It's most likely that when you did a portforward you might have done something wrong. But you said that you've been trying to host for quite a while. But you can still look at the portforward and see. Maybe you did something wrong just never really noticed.

port forward first.

(i can't host eather)