Author Topic: The End of FX?!?!  (Read 1194 times)

So......leader and I weretalking about how FX has been growing and such,and when I realized.......where has FX really gone?I don't hardly see any of the members around, me and him was talkin we found out why...we need a hoster really badly,and many members join and kinda fall away,im not saying "go join now" im saying if you would like,join up,we play often and would be glad to have you,peace,
                          the whole FX family
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man Kaphix,why you gotta be like that man,that was just mean,did i offend you in any way. NO,and you come in here,dissin the clan for no reason,and if you do have a reason you should posted it,thats just mean man....

And what the hell is FX?!

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Contact Grim(Hayden) for a fps area if you know how to make a site using fps