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Someone should make a AoT wiki for people who want to know more about it and we could put like tips for playing the game on it.

EDIT: I started one but i suck at making wikis so someone can elaborate on what i started.

Here is a link:
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i edited it...a little  :cookie: for you and  :cookie: for  :cookieMonster:
cookie monster says(lol):

It's not a good idea to put your name everywhere you contribute on a wiki, it shows that you are an obnogcious, self-centred, spolied brat.

ok......:( *walks away to find a noose........

I need a good picture to use in the wiki. It shouldn't be too big.

I just put one up. Tell me if I should put a different one.

BTW:The layout is going to look like crap until we write more stuff about it.
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I edited a little more, added a few things to sentences, added the Blue Slime, and corrected the (many) spelling mistakes.

An article should include information on the game, and the systems used, and how it plays. Not a list of every location and monster. That is an FAQ. (Someone edited out help file I put in the RTB wiki, when it still existed).

Step 3: Loot body, sell at Port Town shop.

Hey, the wiki is starting to look really good. ^_^

i added "basic items". add more to it if you wish.

I was going to edit in that no u pic but I'm too lazy.