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    Garry's Mod is a game, or mod (whichever you prefer) for the Half Life 2 engine. Over the past 8 years the game has developed from a simple modification to a full standalone game. The game contains brilliant tools to manipulate props, ragdolls, and all sorts of content from Half Life 2 and various Source engine based games within a beautiful realistic physical atmosphere. In this here thread, users may post their creations and photographs taken with the game's highly detailed photography system.

    Here are the rules of the thread. Users who do not follow these rules will be simply warned not to post replies that do not follow the rules, as they may risk being banned from the forums or it may just not follow the system in which the topic works.

    • Users may post their own content, and must credit the creator of content they find elsewhere. If you find a cool Gmod image from somewhere else that you didn't make, don't think you can't post it - just remember to credit the author! Post his site below the image or maybe just share his name.

    • Users may not post content that disobey the Forum Rules. If you post something with nudity, gross gore or anything that disobeys the rules, seriously. Don't do it. You can risk getting banned permanently and having your Blockland key revoked.

    • Do not give negative feedback or rate images unless you are given permission. Similar to the Rules of the Gallery Section of the forums, don't go insulting people because they just got on the game or they're not that skilled at creating things unless you have direct permission from the owner of the content.

    • Have fun. Nobody likes a poor sport. You're here for entertainment, and we want this thread to generally remain as the circlejerk awesome fun time it has been for the past 3 years.

    Every few months, I will be creating a poll on the thread to create contests for each image posted on the gallery. The awards for these contests will be listed here for people to view and brag to their friends.

    No awards yet!
             The first contest will begin on ERROR

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    I wish my graphics were that good like yours hunter. my computer sucks, its just to old. It only has 512mb of ramm too.

    Hunter, send me your computer and I will 'Fix' it up for you..You will be able to run Crysis and Gmod at the same time!

    The Banana Phone will steal your life!

    I think i broke the Breencast :D

    Gordon Freemant, what're you doin?

    I was bored...

    I've had this as my desktop for a long time, i got my corpse like that by accident and it looked awesome, the mod to keep corpses helped too

    ROCK ON!

    MLD, you are god. :D

    @Kunit, my computer already can :D

    MLD, you are god. :D
    My screenshots aren't that good, are they? :o

    Also, if you're wondering why the city has disappeared from outside the windows, some kind of glitch happened and i could only see the stuff that reflected in the skybox

    Edit: If you notice, in the screenshot with the 'Awesome' smiley, there's blood on the wall in the Breencast room, that adds to the awesomeness of the picture, it also came from NPC killing when i was bored, and in the screenshot with Gordon Freeman, there's a bullet hole in the wall right next to his head, that was from me messing with the Breencast screen, i was looking at the Breencast through a camera i had placed before going to the Breencast room :D
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    John Freeman fingering himself?! MLD you dirty boy, using gmod to pleasure yourself.  :cookieMonster:

    His hands are on his back, no where close to his butt ._.

    My first pose ever:

    I wanted his hand to be on the front, but the damn hand wouldn't turn enough, so I just made it look like he was roostering it instead. no homo