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what the forget guys it’s not even that bad
like damn

forget officerzach could model better than that

forget officerzach could model better than that
He clearly said it's his first model. Yes, it could use a lot of improvement, but there is no need to discourage someone from trying something new. Everyone starts from zero.

hes right you know
do you support people being starfishs irl too? are you unaware kidalex is doing the equivalent of a bully stuffting on someone trying something new for the first time?

yes its not good, but the only people who feel the need to point this out are starfishs trying to discourage someone from trying again.
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introducing the map in a tube
for when you like maps.. and tubes.
what the forget even is this for anyways
its a spell scroll in a tube, though it would also make sense of being a map as well

Was making a seaplane version of Kaje's biplane, ended up making a P-47 styled attacker

just made my first model in blender today

excited to make some more stuff later
do i require a strength of 8 or higher to wield this mystical artifact

u require a strength of Chad squared, normie

It looks a lot better now with the details added.
Not 100% sure if the front would look better if it was a bit longer, might be better, but it has it's charm like this as well.

i said put a big honking v8 in it

stick a bike horn on it