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I'm making the interior for the step van

you literally have no dad
also woah wtf is that

Planet brickpack Iĺm working on for DAProgs rts gamemode

want an earth? i got one (made for tbd's minigolf as a hat, but can easily get upscaled)

Sure, send it to me over discord I could probably find a use for it

Missed a few days posting these. Some are good, some are... bad

Gingerbread man. I don't like him.
It's mostly my own bias with the models I put the least amount of effort into.

I finished the driver's interior of the van and colored it, I also finished the meshes of the cargo / food truck area but they still need coloring, which I'll try to finish tomorrow

when you have no idea what your doing but you keep doing it regardless

please just gimme those cannon models for the love of god