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Found a super efficient way to get full PBR on that chest I posted a while back.
I'm really happy with it.

wow those normal mapped textures pop goddamn

Attempt at a private jet but no where near done.

someone tell me what to do with this

i'm too lazy to make a playertype with it

also it's been a while, how y'all doing

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Emulate the satisfying af laser it shoots as a weapon.

post it pomp so maybe someone could animate it

WIP volkswagen vehicle pack, will give credit to anyone that comes up with a good blockland/bloko name alternative for 'Volkswagen' (i.e. Blockswagen but less stuffty). In order: Amarok, Passat, Touran, Transporter.

shader nodes: (source:
... snip ...

that should cover everything about the render

Getting close to finally implementing this in THREE.js. Got all the major parts in there, just further tweaks to THREE.OutlinePass to get it looking like Blender's outlines (color, thickness, and placement). It's much harder than I hoped but otherwise working. There's a live demo and a GitHub repo for the code.

no cause youll constantly call them vags
what about blokscigaretteen