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i forgot I aint posted this here

it        plane

I'm not too big on the appearance of the horizontal stabilizer but it is what it is

tposes menacingly
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thanks its a blockout im going to draw over so it doesnt need to look good

It's finally in the game!

And here is a comparison between it and the original 2014 model.

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I think they're just about ready to go! Who wants them?

Each variant has Decals: Rally, Pinstripe, and Fury, and the Widebody exclusively has the option to equip a Motorsport roll-cage! All new parts mentioned are colorable.

Also designed a badge and engraved the name of the car on the rear. What do you think?

I just need to develop some CVS icons for them and I'm ready for release if you guys are!
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hey guys whats up


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Sorry to keep you guys waiting, here's the Hydric Rally Spec!

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please host drive around server again sometime aaaaaaaaaa these are so good

please host drive around server again sometime aaaaaaaaaa these are so good
I can't my server have no ping everytime I try to host :c

kinda looks like a 1985 honda accord

please have some origami animals i sketched

4.5 hours in total from sketch to rig
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i got accepted into an art university for a 4 year 3d animation course btw!!!!!!! im one of the few i feel super lucky