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now this is what the default gun should've been

Thanks guys. Here's another one for the boys.


mandong research 1: i hope all these mangled corpses count towards my lab hours

I hate modeling revolvers. Please give me some good feedback on this one.

CHINGÓN .41(View in 3D)

The barrel is too big and the handle is a wierd angle but I like the name

keep the barrel size but the grip is kinda weird, not a fan of how it protrudes out like this
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i think it looks just fine

MALDITO9mm : view in 3D

Hell yeah bruther
gumba has arrived to deliver aesome weps

Thanks for the cool and good suggestions. Here's another revolver.

REVOLVER 2(View in 3D)

and this isn't a pistol
MANKILLER 57(View in 3D)
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banana mag evolved into L mag