Author Topic: The new and improved 3D model topic!  (Read 2748222 times)

first time in a long forgetin while that I
A. Opened blender
B. made something not blockland-esque

bruh momento

hes only ever been modeling spongebobs
is this a new career that i havent heard about before

i've been modeling more than that though

ok i admit to dramatic exaggeration

but he did make spongemom models starting out and they weren’t nearly as good as his stuff now

i've been modeling more than that though

Next one needs PBR pore texturing.

Man, that looks like it belongs in like Besiege (maybe it's the background that makes me think that), but it looks pretty good!

Getting a feel for my next project by decimating an old sculpt and doing some material work.

i wish I could model like that and still look good flat shaded, looks really awesome.

i'm here with something that isn't bob:

a sunshine boo loosely based off of blockland

just some random wip stuff

im new and not good at modelling at all but for the past few weeks ive been messing around with this alien grey program with scary ui

i made a brick

its hollow