Author Topic: bet you cant do this :)  (Read 3777 times)

Took forever but i got from the shop to the woods :)

getting owned by an imp *yes they spawn up here*

you gotta hate imps... especially when you get crapped on...

lol i never thought that was possible well done.

Ill have another go at it later

I've gotten really close, but got stuck in a wall.

lmao thats funny i never can seem to hook myself still working on it i can do it better then before but not super.

How the hell did i miss this thread?

It was pretty cool of you taking your time to help pull me through to the other side.  But yeah too bad it didn't work.

I've been contemplating ways to get there from the shop, and I think I came across a feasibly method.

If this works I'll post pics here.

lol, that was some funny shiet though.  I'm all up in the woods trying to glitch myse lf through, and as my head poked out, I see your ass running and hook flipping around every.  I was like you bastard!!! :D 

I found a bigger glitch XD

i was auto-admined.....only happened 1 time....

Not telling how i did it.... ;)

I found a bigger glitch XD

i was auto-admined.....only happened 1 time....

Not telling how i did it.... ;)

I dont beleave that..

i saw you do it fireball.

Well, I went ahead and gave it a few tries.

I hooked on 3 separate occasions.  The 1st and 3rd didn't have such great placement, so I couldn't reswing properly to bring myself up.

I was more fortunate however, during the second time.  The hook landed right smack down in the front wall, hooked around underneath, and then to the side of the woods.  Although I had great success this time around, the result did not suffice.  One thing I learned is when your hooking around on the side of the woods is to do so with a shield at hand. 

For some reason, the slightest of tap as i swung side to side and just barely brushing the walls would diminish my health greately.  And I died for that exact reason while trying to swing over to the top.

Pred was doing this with me when it all happened.

So far, yet so close.  Maybe I'll get it the next time around.

I did it too and I got a vid showin some of it but I can't show right now.
Lopan found a good way of gettin there.
He planted 10 dyno  pulled out his shield and blasted near woods and hooked himself but I found a different way but not as good.

Ok I found the best way to get to woods all you need is gold hook. First get to the edge of the shop facin away from woods, Then look up and launch gold hook in the way. As soon as you do this turn around and walk off the shop. The hook should latch on just as your below the woods. Now swing left and right until you think your a good hight, this is the tricky part you need to aim at the correct angle so that you hook 1 of the walls. Now you have to swing left and right hookin below the woods and if you did it right you should make it below the woods. You know if you fail if your gettin further away as you hook below woods but it takes time and I made it ;)
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Lies.... you would be too far away if you just jumped off the shop and hooked the woods. I have tried doing that many times and the hook wouldn't make it high enough to hook it that way.

It is possible you throw hook in the air and walk off dont aim it towards woods.

If done right you should look like teh first picture but its kinda dark.


I made it...That way chabo explained it...