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FYI: I'm using my dad's Compy until my hard drive is replaced.

Sorry for the weird cuts/curves at the right of the screen, I have this dual screen setting that works with my TV.

Lol, windows 7 beta.

10 more days, then I need to buy it :)

Synergy got a new background, thought it looked cool, unfortunately, it wouldn't fit the width of my desktop, so i had to mirror the right part of the original image (The part with the gray and cyan bars)


I spy Tails

Twice! I'm on ur steam doing stuff.

where to get cool steam skins :(

-snip- -snip-

This, is my desktop.
I had to hide Blockland because my mom thinks im over aged, she told me to leave roblox.
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Background image made by an awesome friend of mine on deviantart :)