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this looks like that blockland defalt map

this map
she is not frozen

Woah the water looks frozen can you stand on it?
i doubt it :\

this map
she is not frozen

 All the snow turns into stuff because it gets scared.

when i saw the pic i thought it was a slope edit but when i played it it didnt look anything like slopes

it doesn't really LOOK like the slopes (thugh  could you makea desert verson? or mabye a lava one)
and with the astroid, basicly a nuclear winter?

it seems to use default textures as well...

but not a bad map, (very useful for a nuclear winter tdm or a space rpg)

I think I'll like it better then slopes, but I'm not downloading yet cuz I'n waiting for mail order.

this looks like the ice lands map

It froze my fire COOL  :nes:

twenty times below 0?

So it is 0?

The Mathmatical equation for this is:   2x < 0

Yar.., -273 is the lowest temperature you can measure. (Kelvin)

If im right.

Aagghh. There is no negative kelvin. 0 degress kelvin is absolute cold, meaning there is no heat whatsoever.