Does Ninjaman deserve his ban after what he said?

20 (19%)
7 (6.7%)
3 (2.9%)
I don't care
23 (21.9%)
Heedicalking is mean!
3 (2.9%)
I am Ninjaman! So now I hate Heed!
38 (36.2%)
Stop people from doing the post above, if you agree check this and that also means Ninjaman deserves his ban.
0 (0%)
Ninjaman deserves it and People should stop voting You are Ninjaman.
11 (10.5%)

Total Members Voted: 104

Author Topic: One of Heed's bans.  (Read 1925 times)

Look at the photos below of what I got pics of Ninjaman being banned. Very or not very funny.

EDIT: Sorry if the pictures are not big. Very very sorry.

EDIT2: Changed topic title just so you can see.
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I don't see him being banned even though he was. You must have forgot that screenshot. Anyway, the ban reason said.
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i dont think a ban was necessary

looks like he just read that person's id wrong

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Ninjaboy just deserves a ban for being an idiot in general (See spock's drama topic)

Who voted "I am Ninjaboy! So now I hate heed!" :cookieMonster:

that's ninjaman, not smokesta

Who voted "I am Ninjaboy! So now I hate heed!" :cookieMonster:

i think you should unban him :/

Lol. Now.....I always wonder what is the big huge difference about the "Drama section" and the "General Discussion" section.

Drama + Blockland = Awsome stuff

General Discussion = Blockland so

Drama + General Discussion = a new Subject that are both the same

Ontopic: Ah well..I'll perma ban him from my server.

what. why would you perma him

Because I'm bored right now and I've got nothign to do. Also, He was really being a idiot and lost his respect meter level from everyone about......90% it's my bet. So yes, I'll perma-ban him because he was being a noob/ friend/ starfish/ idiot/ dumbass/ donkey head.